What would you do if someone humped you after match

If you were in a grappling tournament, wrestling, boxing, MMA, etc. any sort of competitive combat sport that you do and someone defeated you then humped you the way Israel did Costa after their fight what would you do?

  • Humbly accept their dominance and do nothing
  • Get up and start swinging
  • Kiss them

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Kill their family


Interesting. I guess I should’ve put that or “other” as an option

Depends on the circumstances really… Is he cute?

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Looks exactly like Izzy except your weight class if you’re not his weight

I would make the “inch” sign between my thumb and index finger insinuating that I am not impressed nor satisfied.

I like the cut of your jib




Lube up.

Those are the mail in votes


It would be rude to not whale.

You know, hump back

I was shooting a video years ago, was some section on back mount (facing down). One of the guys humped the other. The catcher just screamed.


Someone ask Heath Herring his advice on dealing with unwanted homosexual advances.


I think more dudes should sneak attack other guys with a kiss. Can you imagine the entertainment?! Not to mention, I think we would get some points for being woke.

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Lol only this place

What you gonna do if the guy already destroyed you in front of millions of ppl. Take a swing and get beat up again?