What would you pay for all the UFC PPV's?

If anyone has been on vacation overseas or military members deployed primarily to the middle east, you are probably aware of the "deals" you can get on DVD's. That said, I picked up UFC 1 - UFC 113 for a pretty good price (haven't watched any of the DVD's to view quality) and curious to hear from the UG what they would pay for copies of all the PPV's. I'll see how this thread develops before I disclose my payment.

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Well, since I can download them all for free, I suppose somewhere between nothing and nada.

Curious, how did you get DVDs of the black out period events?

nothing... I can dl and burn them.. skipping the middle man

BKViper - Well, since I can download them all for free, I suppose somewhere between nothing and nada.

Curious, how did you get DVDs of the black out period events?
 I bought Dvd's of 1-50 or something like that on Ebay a couple years ago.  I had never seen the "Blackout" events before, but there they were.


 Oh, and I would pay $100

I haven't watched any of them yet, especially the beginning PPV's, so as far as I know they could have been recorded from VHS -> DVD, DVR'd -> DVD. I guess I'll find out what happens when I reach those events and pass along what I find and the overall quality. Even if a dozen of the PPV's are crap, I'm still happy with what I paid.

I just don't have the time to download and burn them. I was recording them on DVR and burning them on to my computer but I fell behind and said screw it. Tops to you both for cutting out the middleman.

Also, the problem you run in to, at least out here in the desert, is if go to the market and pick-up a new movie still in theaters or not yet out on DVD...you guessed it; good ol' fashioned recorded on a camera in a theater. If you are patient and wait a bit they are damn near DVD quality everytime. Fingers crossed hoping the UFC PPV's are the same. I guess I know what I'll be testing out when I get off shift.

In the event this thread starts picking up some speed and takes off with pages and pages (which I doubt), I'll state what I paid so members know sooner rather than searching through the pages.

I paid $15 for 16 DVD's. As per the first post that is UFC 1 - UFC 113.

 what are the blackout events?

NHB USA -  what are the blackout events?

UFC 23-29


Watched the first DVD this morning...UFC 1-10. Overall quality was good. Audio/Video were synced together with the video appearing as if it was VHS quality on DVD. The only issue I had was the end of UFC 3 wouldn't play on my laptop which also affected my ability to play UFC 4. If I was home I would try on a decent DVD player and mayber try to clean the disc, but for $15 I'm satisfied. I will try to get to the blackout events this morning and will post my findings/thoughts. Take care UG

Have been trying to burn through the events and I have reached UFC 30. So far so good and all the blackout events were included. The only issues have been the ones I posted above and my laptop appeared to be overheating and started to freeze when finishing UFC 30. Still very happy with the purchase.

Thanks LilBrock, It was a sweet deal. One or two bad apples in the bunch isn't bad at all.

If only I had a paypal account, I would start sending these off to the UG. Scratching head for ideas...

You got all the UFC's on 16 dvd's? So the longest recording time was used to record the events onto each DVD? Quality can't be very good if that's the case but still a very good deal to just see them.

At first I thought this thread was going to talk about the UFC doing something like the NFL does with the Sunday ticket deal.

GNPfan: almost all the UFC's (up to 113). The quality of the first 30 has been what I expected...VHS quality on a DVD and I have been enoying watching it from the beginning, helps with key points i.e. remebering that Zuffa and DW with hair took over at UFC 30. Laughed when I saw DW with a tie and also seeing Rogan back in the early years with hair too.

As for the Sunday ticket comparison...Would be interesting, if events were on at the same time, to have an MMA ticket where you could cycle through all the shows and matches. However the only time that seems to happen is when the UFC wants to counterprogram. Break out the DVR and record one while watching the other. Eventually DW and the UFC will realize that serves no purpose as even DVR shows are tracked for ratings (I believe).

After hitting post for the above, I didn't mention the compression. I'm not sure what equipment they're (the Iraqis) are using or if they are even recording it themselves but the DVD's are DVD-9 and will have to look at them this morning to see what it says about the compression. If I'm not mistaken, I recall it saying something about using a new compression.

VectorWega -  In other words, you bought illegal copies of the events.  Another reason to be proud of the US military.

God forbid a soldier find a way to be entertained in between serving our country while in Iraq

OP got a great deal and I'm happy one of our servicemen was accommodated.

As for the original question, under the OP's circumstance I would have been pleased to pay up to $200 for that collection - especially if there were a bunch I hadn't seen yet. Phone Post

on kijiji the other day in my city I saw some guy seeling all the official UFC dvds put out by Zuffa (1-11 or whatever, then 39-113) and he was asking $600 for all of them.