VS SYLVIA?.He and the ufc claims he is the best in the business.but then when it comes time for him to actually face top heavy weights he hides behind the ufc.and i know lebanner called him out,but he was the one who called out fedor on more than one occation.

its just goes to show the ufc is all hot air,and have no confidence in their champions.

amen.someone who has their head screwed on str8.

Silvia is ducking him.

I just copied what capnsavem wrote and then changed the contraction to two words. You'll have to take it up with him. But for the record I don't care much for Sylvia or how he spells his name.

JBL is a decent brawler, a cool character, and a good stock picker but is a horrible announcer and not worthy of the most prestigious belt imo.


sorry white i think you are so very wrong.

he has just been givin so many chances to prove all of us what he is made of.and for some reason or another it falls through.the fan just get tired of the excuses.we just wanna see him fight fedor.in a ring a cage or a parcking lot.just make it fuckin happen.

Bottom line, Fedor has fought Schilt and Cro Cop; Nog has fought Schilt, Cro Cop and Sapp. There's no fucking way either of those two would duck Sylvia.

Le Banner has stepped in with the greatest stand up guys in the world and beaten most of them.

Apart from that noted KO striker (not) Rodriguez, who has Tim ever beaten? Don't say Arlovski as he's never proven anything.

If these fights aren't happening there's only one reason and it's not K1/Pride.

LeBanner would stand zero chance agaist Fedor. And I doubt Dana White sees LeBanner vs. Sylvia as some must-happen fight.

JBL did ok in the Brawl For It All years ago, although he didn't do any takedowns.