Whatever happened with Brent Stephens?

He was an entertaining fighter to watch with some heavy hands and very strong. Anybody know if he is still training and/or planning on coming back into mma?

Are you talking about Brent Stevens If so he comes in every once and awhile. He has had a lot of injury’s over the years and has been focusing on his sons training. His son is around 10 and is a really good wrestler.


Yeah. He used to train back when I was at the San Diego Fight Club. I always thought he could have been really good.

Yeah he is really tough. He fought at heavy weight I feel if he were to make 205 it would be a lot better for him because of his height. He says he wants to fight again but I don’t know if he will. He is getting older now and he has really bad shoulders.

How old is he now?

I want to say 37 +

Yea dude was straight tough. Real pieced-up too. Kent Hensley gave him a good beating in King of the Cage (back when that was a big deal) but somehow Brett came out with the decision. Brett got his nose broke an busted up pretty good. KOTC ended up giving Hensley the purse and invited him back.