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BROWNSTOWN TWP.: Officer tussles with naked, intoxicated woman
Thursday, June 30, 2011
By Jackie Harrison-Martin
BROWNSTOWN TWP. — A towel-clad woman with a blood-alcohol level four times the legal limit was arrested Monday night after she ran across her street to fight a neighbor.
Police were called after a neighbor reported hearing loud noises from people she believed were having sex.
Police arrived and heard the voices of two women in a backyard.
According to a police report, the 36-year-old homeowner and a friend were by a pool, and once the officer explained why he was there, the homeowner became irate.
The report said the homeowner demanded to know who called police, and when the officer couldn’t tell her she immediately started pointing to a house across the street and saying that she was “going to kill” the woman who lived there.
Police said the homeowner kept saying she was sick of being harassed by neighbors for “having a good time” and that she was going to kill the woman across the street.
The resident stood up on her pool deck and began yelling things about her neighbor and saying that she was going to “kick her a--,” the report said.
Police said the woman was told 15 to 20 times to go inside her house for the night and to quiet down, but she refused to cooperate.
At one point, police said, the woman agreed to calm down and did answer a couple of questions. She told the officer her name and said she had only a few glasses of wine to drink.
Then, all of the sudden, the woman yelled and swore, police said, and took off running toward her neighbor’s house, saying she was going to kill the woman.
The officer ran after the resident, catching her as she approached the neighbor’s front door.
According to the report, the officer grabbed her by her right arm and told her she was under arrest.
However, the woman resisted the officer and kept trying to pull away from him.
During the tussle, the woman’s towel, which had been wrapped around her, became loose and dropped to the ground, leaving her nude.
After a short struggle, the officer was able to handcuff the naked woman and immediately covered her with the towel, the report said.
Police asked the woman’s friend to go get clothes for her.
The friend brought back clothing for her and helped her get dressed, police said.
Once she was transported to the police station, a preliminary breath test was administered, showing that the woman had a blood-alcohol level of 0.323 percent.
In Michigan, a person with a level of 0.08 percent is considered drunk.
She was ticketed for public intoxication and hindering and obstructing a police officer.