Whats more popular GI or no gi

Whats more Popular in The US Gi or no GI. Not what is or what u like better. Just trying to figure out wich is being trained more in the states.

When you include judo and sombo schools, I would say gi.


As kumikata said if  all martal arts then Gi. But in BJJ no-gi gained very fast and maybe more popular  because of the exposure from ADCC and UFC.

In the US I would say no gi because of wrestling. World wide I would say gi because of judo.

IM talking about Submissions Grappling, not Judo Wrestling ect. C,mon You can click on the Thread. Then u can type in Gi or No gi. simple?

Gi by a long shot.

The few uber-serious no-gi practitioners would be run off by the thousands of you-never-see-them-but-they-are-there gi practitioners in all the schools that teach both. They may be laughed at but they are the one that pay the bills.


No gi.

In my Karate class we always ware a gi...

oh god..here we go again

I prefer NOGI!

Da GI !!!

It depends on who's fighting. If the Aligator Jacare is fighting then you want to see the gi!

For a fan, I would think No-gi, but I prefer gi.


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