What's next for GSP? (Blog)

After another unanimous decision victory for Georges "Rush" St. Pierre over #1 contender Jake Shields at the historic UFC 129 mega event Saturday in Toronto, UFC owner Lorenzo Fertitta went to his twitter account to ask a question "GSP vs DIAZ? Or GSP vs. SILVA?"

It looks like the UFC has narrowed down the Welterweight Champion's future opponent down to two fighters. Both would be a Champion vs Champion fight. Anderson Silva is the UFC Middleweight Champion and Nick Diaz is the Strikeforce Welterweight Champion.

Anderson vs GSP is what UFC president Dana White calls "a dream fight". The nightmare that the fans are having are the road blocks that make this fight so difficult to make. Silva is in a weight class 15 pounds heavier than St. Pierre at 185 pounds... An issue that GSP understandably is concerned about. There has been talks about a possible catch weight meeting in the middle at 178, something I hope doesn't happen. If GSP is going to test himself against the Middle Weight Champion, I say make it count and make it a 5 round championship fight! A loss to Anderson at 185 doesn't affect his legacy at all, in my opinion... And a win makes him the greatest Mixed Martial Arts fighter of all time. This fight speaks for itself. The top 2 pound for pound fighters locked in a cage could be a once in a lifetime type of experience. If Anderson Silva gets past Yushin Okami this summer in Brazil the talk about this fight will definitely amp up as both fighters will have pretty much cleaned out their respective divisions.

Nick Diaz has one little obstacle... He fights in a different organization, Strikeforce. Luckily, the two promotions are now under the same ownership and although the companies are allegedly supposed to run things as "business as usual", if they really wanted to have a cross promotion fight between the two they can do whatever they want. Nick has looked fantastic lately. He's won 10 fights in a row with his latest victory being a first round knock out over the brash Brit Paul Daley in one of the most exciting rounds in the sports history. The highlights this fight could bring? Nick would probably be hilarious selling the fight, he's a teammate of GSP's last victim and I can't remember a boring Nick Diaz fight. The possible lowlight? GSP playing it safe and turning this into the first boring Nick Diaz fight. If I had to guess though, GSP would look dominate again in this match up. He should be able to get the takedown, avoid Nick's sub attempts and lay down some serious ground and pound. I see it as going similar to the second BJ Penn fight.

One day after he posed the question, Lorenzo Fertitta returned to twitter with "Overwhelming response for GSP/DIAZ interesting."

So what's next for UFC Welterweight Champion of the World Georges St. Pierre? Hopefully a good fight!

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