What's next for Jon Fitch?

Any guesses on what happens next with him? He seems like a major player in the division, but he hasn't even gotten on TV. They should put him on the UFN, imo.

fitch vs sanchez would be great. They are the only 2 undefeated welterweights in the ufc iirc.

Fitch would break her while glazing her apple pie. It's not a fair fight for the poor girl. What should be next for him---A WWE Diva, in the octagon, in a "triangle" match. First one to three leg chokes is the winner.

Co Main Event on any show, that's a fact.


Probably GSP when he's healthy.

ttt for more Fitch SOON.

against who??? Any ideas?

cool....sounds good to me. It is about time Fitch gets some tv time!!!

WHOA....all those guys on the card....what is the lineup......I'm salivating