What's the AFC card look like??

I should be goin to Ft. Lauderdale on Oct. 30...but i havent heard of any other fights besides Hermes vs. Manny Gheyes...

Charles McCarthy v Rockel

Rory Singer v Carl Malenko

There are a few other fights as well LOL. Not sure though to tell the truth.

ok... good fights

Good Luck Rory

ttt... I'd like to know the full card as well, the fights that I know of are going to be very solid.

I'm pretty sure the 145lbs belt is on the line with Mike Brown taking on Renato Tavares. The Rockel/Mcarthy fight should be good as well.

Efrain Ruiz vs Carlo Prater

Does AFC have a website?

no and im not sure why not


COMPLETE LINEUP (Subject To Change):
2 RDS / 265 LBS: Petrus 'Buffalo' Walker (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. TBD

2 RDs / 145 LBS: Scott Johnson (Freelance, FL) v. Brian Geraghty (Strasser's Academy, Kenosha, WI)

2 RDs / 185 LBS: Luigi Fioravanti (Marcio Simas JJ, Orlando, FL) v. Moacyr 'Boca' Oliveira (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL)

2 RDs / 170 LBS: Carlo Praeter (Thugjitsu, Houston, TX) v. Efrain Ruiz (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL)

2 RDs / 155 LBS: Raphael Dias (BTT, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) v. Brian Medlin (Strasser's Academy, Kenosha, WI)

2 RDs / 185 LBS: Crafton Wallace (Naples, FL.) v. Rory Singer (Hardcore Gym, Atlanta, GA)

2 RDs / 185 LBS: Charles Mccarthy (Freestyle Fighting Academy, Miami, FL) v. Keith Rockel (Massachusetts Submission Academy, Amherst, MA)

3 RDs / 145 LBS: Renato Tavares (American TOP TEAM, Ft Lauderdale, FL) v. Mike Brown (AFC Champion, Portland, ME)

1 RD 10 Minutes / 155 LBS:: Manny Reyes Jr, v. Hermes Franca (Brazilian TOP TEAM)

Absolute Fighting Championships #10
War Memorial Coliseum, Ft Lauderdale, FL.
Saturday, October 30th, 2004

GOLD CIRCLE: $35.00 / RINGSIDE: $25.00 - $35.00 / GENERAL ADMISSION: $15.00

Tickets available at www.ticketmaster.com. Enter 'ABSOLUTE' for the event!

'This show is now two weeks away, and we have a card we can announce for what we expect to be a hot show.' starts AFC matchmaker Miguel Iturrate. 'The undercard has several intriguing matches, as Keith Rockel takes on Charles Mccarthy in a step up match for 'Chainsaw'. It is hard to pick a winner in the 2 matches between Carlo Praeter and Efrain Ruiz and Raphael Dias and Brian Medlin.

The main event will feature a title defense for AFC 145 lb Champion Mike Brown, who takes on ATT's Renato Tavares. 'It is a great match, as Tavares has been on a real roll while Brown is eager to make his first title defense' comments the matchmaker.

'The feature fight that has everyone's attention is still on target as well, as Manny Reyes Jr is scheduled to take on Hermes Franca, who we were able to work out an exemption with his Euphoria MFC exclusivity.' concludes the matchmaker.





please keep me in mind for the future at 135-140 lbs. my academy number is 217-429-2269. my record is 11-0. I represent MFS. thank you!!


Is Carl Malenko out?

malenko is out.

rob: after the fight with rockel I hope to keep moving up the ladder against bigger names.

AFC is always a great show.


Melvin Guillard 155lbs Vs. ?????????????????

what about melvin guillard