What's the importance of fighting for a belt?

I don't get it.


They don't even wear pants.  What's the point?

I lol'd. VU. Phone Post 3.0

I don't know if you're being serious but I actually do think it's completely ridiculous. I also think it's marketing hype because no one is the best fighter in the world. There's just no such thing as a fighter that cannot be beaten.

They should just run tournaments and have tournament champs. Winning a few tournaments in a row is much much more impressive than holding a belt for a few years especially with all the rematches, injuries, and squash matches, etc.. Phone Post 3.0

Hard to disagree with AlbertEinstein's logic.


If you're a champ and you defend your belt 3 times a year for multiple years, I think that solidifies you as the best in your division.  However tournaments always deliver for the fans.  Doesnt have to be multiple fights in one night either.

Fighting for a belt and purse. Phone Post 3.0

It should be something they can wear during fights. Like goldmember short shorts. Phone Post 3.0