what's the problem with this forum

Despite the arguments that we have on the boxing board, it seems that something is keeping other posters from coming here. I have noticed more and more posts on boxing in the underground. Why don't they come to the boxing forum. It is always the same people here. We all know who we will run into when he come here.

I used to love it here, then I sold my computer and had a long gap before starting a job with some free time to browse. It isn't the same anymore. At one time this was easily the best place to come on the entire forum. Now its only so-so IMO.


i think it has to do with the fact that the traffic is so low here, and if they actually want to have a discussion they need to post it there.

That's it, I'm leaving!

Well Gator and I have had our arguments in the past, but it also seems that he has calmed down a lot. I remember when we are all discussing boxing on the UG. It was only a few of us then, at that time I used the screen name jefflani, Gator was one of those people and we all wanted our own boxing forum.
My memmber since 2002 is wrong, I have been on the forum since around 98 or 99. Man it has been a long time.

Stateofthegame, true, things are a little slow at times on this forum. However, I wouldn't jack off to what happens on the underground either. Daily, on that forum, there are about fifty moronic posts, half of them about Rickson or about some pro wrestler against a real MMA fighter. The other half are attempts to troll --e.g.- "Why Vanderlei sucks IMO..." The same issues are rehashed over and over again. The vast majority of the posts, furthermore, aren't infomative at all. I like MMA almost as much as I like boxing but I hate the poor quality of discussion most of the time on that forum. As such, at most, I'll glance at the threads and usually won't post anything. By contrast, the quality of the posts is much better on this forum. I, too, have been on this forum a long time as well and we still have a bunch of great posters. I would name names but I don't want to leave anyone out. I only wish that John Buckley and Blackfitzsimmons (sp.?) would return. Btw, gator has mellowed considerably in his old age :)

Jeff how are things going at boxingtalk since it went subscription? Are you now being compensated for your work?

IMO Greg Leon is almost worse than Gator was before he got married and had a kid. Making things up and acting as if his opinion is the only opinion on earth that is correct. At least gator had the balls to call Don King a crook as he has proven to do. Leon bashes fighters like Rivera and lets DK and his cronies slide on anything they do. I cannot remember a single piece over there that called DK to the carpet about his crookedness. Leon would not even nut up and criticize mayorga for blowing a fight, instead blaming Rivera for it.

Am I too hard on this clown or is he a good guy who is just owned by Don King?

From what I understand, they will pay off the fees thay had to dish out in order to make it a members site. I knew that would be the case before it ever went to that format, as it made sense. I believe that it is almost to that point.
Greg is a OK guy. I speak with him almost everyday, but he does cater to a lot of the guys. The funny thing is that the only thing that I have done that was locked was the Guinn interview and you guys got to see it before it ever hit the site. I am just biding my time, taking a wait and see approach.

Jeff Young

Jeff are those one time fees or yearly fees? How many members are there? Was it more or less than expected?

I will say boxingtalk has added alot of features and gets alot of interviews. Mostly the same guys go to all the sites but boxingtalk does give more fighters louder voices and I am supportive of that. I just would like to see it be more responsible and no so much rumor filled. Some rumor is good for boxing but throwing out all the things Leon throws out is not good. I personally have doubts about everything I read by leon.

Gator what I meant was that Jeff said the subscribers will pay the fees boxingtalk had to pay to open for subscribers and I was trying to figure if that meant all future years of subscription goes to the site without leaving. Basically, I am nosing into their business without trying to be to obvious.

It's all because of TPSM and his make-believe stories and joke threads, and he's got geek followers that urges him on. Maxboxing and boxingtalk has serious boxing fans.

it might have something to do with the boxing forum (along with the other sport subjects) are hidden low in the general forum, which then needs to be expanded. i used to always click on the boxing forum to view (when it was in plain sight)the threads. when it's hidden under the general forums section, i'm too lazy to check it out. might be the same way for others.

gobruins, are all UCLA students as lazy as you are? :)