whats this worth?

i have the opportunity to buy this framed original gracie jiu jitsu gi. its signed by royce, royler, rorion, helio, robin, and rolker gracie. it is also one of thee first gracie jiu jitsu logo gis given to the family and students in the early 1990s. whats this worth?

Thats awesome! You have to get Relson and Rickson to sign it.

how much would you offer the guy?

Just realized you said you have the oppurtunity to buy,I thought you owned it already.

I dont know about price,Im not good with them.

Ask the seller if he has any pictures signed by Robin for sale,I dont have anything signed by him.Id love to have that gi.

$1000+ probably worth?

Nice item.

Probably worth that or more I guess, but see I dont collect anything for value,for me I have magazines that I wouldnt sell for $500 but I know they are not worth anywhere near that.I collect as a fan not really a "collector".

 Hix youre an addict of anything Rickson, not a fan or a collector, an addict lol... reality and reason do not apply.

 couple hundred bucks at best. only because Helio's sig is on it... its just a gi with sigs... not worn in any competition or anything or belonging to a Gracie etc...

Hey mostly a fan of Rickson,sometimes an addict lol.You really dont think that gi is worth that much? I'll take it if I can get it for a couple hundred.

"not worn in any competition or anything"

how do you know?

 I guess we need more information- which you probably don't want to give until it's purchased. Is it owned by a gracie, was it worn in competition? But again, these are questions you probably don't want to answer.

I know because you would have stated that it was (Rickson's Gi) in the first place...

If you forgot then youre a dipshit... that would be the largest determining factor of value...

 If he doesent want to answer then he should just guess in the first place... lol...

it is a competition/training worn gi from a cat who trained at the academy in the old days. it doesnt belong to a gracie.

 From the looks of it, he's got one in black too

So did you buy this?

double post

i have some questions for this board.

i recently got a fighters gloves from dream. i also was asked to buy another set of dream gloves. here is my question....

one- what is a pair of dream gloves worth?

two- if you had a pair, what would you sell them for?

i also have a friend on this seasons ultimate fighter. he is going to give me his gloves and shorts from the season. here is my question.....

one- what is a guys gloves worth who are on the show?

two- are they worth more if he wins?

three- down the road IF he becomes a champion, does this make the gloves a LOT more?