What's ur twitter name?

We need to start a proper MMA community on twitter!
mmaboy15 is mine, will follow any mma fan back!! Phone Post

AltieriStrength......Follow me!

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The Loge - Blocked. Phone Post

You are just a douchebag! Phone Post



Also, please post your social security number and DOB. This will of course help us verify who you are in our growing MMA twitter community. Thx in advance.

GTFO. You have 53 followers. This thread is about finding someone to talk to on Twitter. lol


@thatmuchfaster Phone Post


@naafs Phone Post


OaktownWhiteBoy - I have had over 950 followers...



Bearockbrobama Phone Post


 damn severn is your twitter id really posters chance? I can't find it anywhere and I'd like to give you a follow.



DamnSevern -
OaktownWhiteBoy - I have had over 950 followers...



I'm laughing in public and people are staring, thanks a lot! Phone Post

@jmart760 Phone Post

Which one of you is GriffinQ? And why are you using the sign language sign for butterfly as some sort of gang sign?