What's Vitor's finishing fatality???

What is his finishing move? Or will Weidman grind him out Phone Post 3.0

Sweet Chin Music? Phone Post 3.0

He's going to pedigree him through a table from a ladder. Phone Post 3.0

Same kick Vitor flatlined Rockhold with. That's what I would love.
Big Vitor fan here!

He's going to talk your ear off about the good old days. Phone Post 3.0

Weidman gets the takedown early, transitions to the back and works for the RNC. Just when it looks like Vitor is out, he suddenly 'Vitors up' and fights his way back to his feet. Soon after he hits a big stiff-legged front kick followed by a leg drop for the finish. In his post-fight speech he thanks Jesus, hard work, and vitamins.

T-rex slam from high altitude into the jungle with the lion who once was the dinosaur who cant survive with the dinosaur who actually is the lion as well.......wait....... What. Phone Post 3.0

MrBlume - Same kick Vitor flatlined Rockhold with. That's what I would love.
Big Vitor fan here!

I'd probably cry tears of joy. I'm a huge fan of Vitor and the fact of Rockhold crying all the time and Weidman talking shit damn that be one of the best moments in MMA. I believe brah.

CapnKindBud - He is going to try to blitz Weidman from the start like he did Wand. When he finds that Chris is far tougher than Wand, chin wise, he will try to head kick. When that fails, he will receive a few good shots by Weidman and Chris will break him and he will begin to look for a way out.
That will come in round three when Weidman takes his back and RNC's his ass out cold.
My prediction. I could be wrong and I have been in the past. But I don't think so . Phone Post 3.0
You're wrong, calling it now. Phone Post 3.0

Well, it's Vitor, so likely blows to the back of the head. Phone Post 3.0

Vitors fatality would look like his destruction of wand, but he smahes the guys skull worse than the mountain took out the red viper. Phone Post 3.0

Stabs you with a used needle in the ear.