what's wrong with this picture(s)?


It appears Ryan is whoopin ass in every picture except the last???

i dont know

Bushhog got it...looking at those pics, it would appear they raised the hand of the wrong guy

That is pretty fun

I think I can explain why that happened. The pics where Wilson was winning was in the clinch, and they were ugly pics due to that. Only the best pics were selected to be shown, and since Ryan is all about action when he turns it on .. those shots were easily the best of the group.

Oh yeah, and I heard from more than one excellent source that Wilson won the first, the second was very close ... but the 3rd was a total asswhoopin' dished out by Schultz to Wilson. I am thinking a rematch is a must.

that's pretty much how I had it...10-9 Wilson, 10-10, 10-8 Schultz. But all 3 judges had it 10-9 Wilson, 10-9 Wilson, 10-9 Schultz.

In MMA for whatever reason there are so few rounds given out that are anything other than 10-9, and it really skews the scoring. MMA scoring needs to be adjusted to allow for more 10-10, 10-8, and even 10-7 rounds. They should be given out rather freely to show the difference between one round and another. For instance, r1 Wilson won 10-9 because he got a takedown. That was the only action in the round, pretty clear decision for Wilson because he was the only one with a successful anything. R3 was 10-9 for Schultz because he beat the piss out of Wilson from the start of the round to the end. Somehow, that just doesn't seem quite right.