what's your definition of hardcore?



All holes stuffed and maybe some hitting. Phone Post 3.0

raw dog

staygreenponyboy - 


Ketchup on my hotdog Phone Post 3.0

Mascara running....down my cheeks Phone Post 3.0

Henry Rollins

ECDUBYA Phone Post 3.0

staygreenponyboy -
VU for one of the all time greats! Phone Post 3.0

stuff going in and stuff coming out


DVDA ATM BBC IR underage runaway slave child gang bang and BDSM genital torture with electricity, piercing and burning Phone Post 3.0


One of my favorite bands growing up, fortunate to see them a few times with the original members. Even today, won't miss a chance to see John Joseph belt out those songs. Saw them recently with some of the guys from Leeway and Mackie on drums. They were pretty ripping. 

Song2 - ECDUBYA Phone Post 3.0
My man.

But if you're talking wrestling old school CZW, Big Japan and FMW :-) Phone Post 3.0

Mick fucking Foley Phone Post 3.0

Bukkake Phone Post 3.0

fans that watch every event

Fake taxi Phone Post 3.0

consensual sex in the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation