What's your take on stretching?

Yesterday I was looking into two common fitness beliefs. One was whether it was harmful to workout and lift late at night (It’s not. As long as you get enough sleep and nutrition, it’s fine). And the other was about flexibility and its usefulness.

In my opinion, natural flexibility is one of the key markers of athleticism. I am as flexible as a 2 by 4. So I always try to stretch whenever I remember. However, I was wondering if there are any actual health benefits from it.

I read a few articles, and to my surprise there is no factual evidence of it. In fact, stretching you get from lifting with the range of motion gives you the same effect. What was also a surprise to me is that FIFA’s warm-up program turns out, does not recommend stretching.

I enjoy stretching, so I’ll keep doing it just because of that. Also animals stretch, so there was must a purpose for it in nature. I believe the fact that most top athletes are flexible is a correlation, rather than the cause of their rigorous stretching routine, they just have flexible joins and muscles naturally.

But what do you think?


I had to do physio for over 6 months. No surgery. It was a miracle how much it helped.

(I twisted my ankle, then when It was tender I developed a spastic walk that was destroying me knee, had to do physio)

be careful with it, you might be better naturally warming up.
stretching doing the splits type of exercises weakens the muscles and can lead to hernias as the muscle tissue has been stretched too thin.


The stretches were incredible. Almost like climaxing

Better is not to get tight

Dynamic stretches before exercise, classic static stretches after.


Stretching before you’re warmed up is more harmful than helpful.

Typically I don’t stretch. Just slowly work up to full intensity in whatever I’m doing.


I never do stretches unless i feel tightness somewhere.

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I do a toddler/slav squat for a minute every few days. Gotta keep some lower body mobility.


If you’re going to stretch do dynamic stretches before a workout and static afterwards. I managed a squadron fitness program in the AF for years as reference. Also, I don’t stretch other than my shoulders after heavy chest or shoulder days.

Stretching/Mobility is amazing for you. Especially as you age.

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This is the way.


Well i forgot but i do hamstring stretches if I sit for prolonged time, back kicks while leaning forward until i hear hamstrings pop, similar like dogs do😆

If you look at any animal they all stretch and are all mostly mobile. Most people do not realize mobility, some resistance training and a decent diet is the fountain of youth.

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All three of my ex-wifes lived by this philosophy.


Maintaining a full range of motion is a good way to help prevent injuries and decrease back pain.

Stretching does not just need to be a warm-up exercise. It can be a separate part of training - ie stretching between workouts to aid in recovery or as a workout by itself.

I find as I get out of shape, the first thing to decrease is flexibility, then endurance, then strength.


Yes and its so important to keep it as we age

You shouldn’t stretch to warm up. Warm up before you stretch. Stretching cold is the worst way to stretch and has the highest likelihood of injury. Start moving around at a low intensity for 10 minutes just to get going and you should be good.

What type of stretches should I do before going shopping in my motorized cart?

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