When are E.Bravo tapes due out?


they ain't comin out

Yeah, that's what I heard, too.

eddie later said he may bring some tapes out late spring early summer. he was worried about the tapes affecting his students in comps, but said there is more to their game than the rubber guard and twister.

casino, lockdown, monkey mount, it ain't just a game, it's an adventure...! :)

all the rubber guard is, is just the closed guard with the legs tight and locked high around the shoulders to work sweeps locks chokes and avoid full puches, it takes a certain amount of flexability and you have to feel real comfortable with being stacked or else a lot of the techniques will be hard to pull off.

ive been grappling since 1995 and i can honestly say that the two techniques on grapplearts.com are in no way new to me ive been using them since 1996 because i was always real flexable and always maintained a high and tight closed guard.

well, the high closed guard part is not new at all. But his set up into is pretty clever.

I would be interested in what Eddie Bravo put out, but if he is worried about his students losing an edge in competition I hope he doesn't put out anything that is watered-down or lacking in key details.

I got the DVD and it is awesome!!!