When can machida fight again?

He admitted to taking a banned substance and got pulled from the henderson bout, but i dont remember a suspension amount of time.

If he was given a suspension how long was it and when is it due? Phone Post 3.0

Yes I want to see him back.

Hasn't been decided yet but he will probably get 2 years especially with his play dumb defense

I hate when the old guys get popped. He's way past his prime now, a two year ban will end his career. He always seemed like a humble, likable guy, would like to see him fight again.

Didn't he admit it but his test came back clean. Feel like if a person calls usada and says hey, I think I took a banned substance and then usada tests and the substance is not in the fighter's system usada should reduce the 2 years. It prob won't work that way but it would be nice if it did. Phone Post 3.0

It was in what March? I think he was suspended for 6 months, so around September/October iirc. Phone Post 3.0

He took tainted urine.   Can't wait to see him back.  Lots of good potential match ups for him.