When Crocop coaches TUF...

...who will be the opposing coach?


Here's my idea for a season of TUF that I would actually watch.

Crocop and Arlovski as coaches. Only European competitors. Subtitles when needed. Main event in either Belarus or Croatia (to be determined by lumberjack competition)

that might happen but it won't be on US tv imo

I'd prefer if every competitor and coach spoke a different language.


Never gonna happen.

Depending on pride's future, fedor.

That would be kinda funny watching AA and Mirko try to speak english.

Mirko actually speaks pretty good English.

mirko speaks english well.

"How hard would it be to get a photog out to Croatia and snap a few pics, then email him a brief questionaire to give him a profile? Those flying things...airplanes...they go to Croatia, right? "


Camera phone, internet... amazing how many fighters make a website of the biggest mma promotion around without a photo!

i like this TUF idea. but instead of a house in vegas, the season should be spent at a castle. and when you get booted off the show, you have to go live in the woods. and those living in the woods are in danger of getting eaten by packs of wolves.

I heard Cro Cop was a member of the Croatian Legislature, is that true? Is he really a politician or was he at one point?

"Those flying things...airplanes...they go to Croatia, right?"


That would be the best and most productive TUF. Gather European HWs UFC.

I say Anderson Silva. Make it an international TUF. Probably make money everywhere but the states.

"Crocop and Arlovski as coaches. Only European competitors. Subtitles when needed."

Not a bad idea...

"Mirko prefers not to use his last name because it is the same name as a very infamous war criminal..."

Crocop's last name is Filipovic. The person you are thinking of is Milosevic.

I haven't ever heard of an infamous war criminal named filipovic!

Miroslav Filipovic, a Serbian journalist from Kraljevo, was convicted over the summer on charges of "espionage" for reporting on war crimes over the Internet for a British media charity, the Institute for War & Peace Reporting.

they need to put rampage as a coach too on that show (but on another season with lidell)-- that would bring in huge numbers imo

Mirko looks a little tough on some of his sparring partners on some of the videos I have seen of him training. Some TUF guys are going to be getting wrecked on the kickboxing sparring days.

He'll be bring out AK47s to train with.