When describing your style...

what do you say? Obviously most are cross trained but usually have a specialty.

When I describe myself I say, "I'm like Chuck, I don't want it to go the the ground but if it does I am comfortable." Then I go on to say that I lack the ko power or the takedown defense.

No takedown defense or KO power? So, how are you like Chuck then LOL :-)

Let me rephrase that, I'm like Coleman without the takedowns but similar sub defense. Happy now

I'm kinda like a murillo ninja, not much for kicks or knees though

Im like randy without the wrestling :)

im kinda like nino shembri but without the jiu-jitsu

I'm kinda like Takayama, but without the hotness.

Like Hughes without the takedowns, Bang without the stand up, and Horn without the subs........ I suck.


Im like manny reyes jr. without the self promotion

I'm like Micky Ward, without the left hook or the overhand right

lol @ charles...and without the cornholing he's going to receive when someone does get ahold of him.

im like jimmy ambriz, but muscular

This was going to be srious initially.

I call it the art of fighting, without fighting. LOL, I always loved that part of Enter the Dragon.

Gary Hughes

I'm like Cro Cop without the Croatian or the Cop.

Or the Randleman.

I seriously say I cross-train, but that my standup is shit and my jiu jitsu ain't much better.

I'm like Enson "Yamato Damashi" Inoue except without BJJ skill, striking, ground work, or yamato damashi


lol at nickhh . . . we have a pink belt in class that you have to wear when you forget yours, but instead we are gonna write "class bitch" on it to wear for whomever our coach is demonstrating on!

Im like Minotauro.... no really i am ;)