When is the next UFC in NJ?

Has anyone heard anything with regards to any upcoming UFC shows in NJ? Back in the day they used to visit Atlantic City all the time.

I think the last PPV we were privy to was the turd headlined by Bisping vs. Evans. I'd have to think between Boardwalk Hall, the Prudential Center, and the Izod Center that there are open slots to host a show.

 I'm from CT and it drives me nuts as a fan that the UFC is waiting on Boston and NY getting regulated to come back to the north east.  I've been to shows at the Mohegan Sun and AC and never did I get the feel that the crowds were small , and that was before MMA blew up.  I can't understand why we can't at least get some UFNs or something.   It sux :(

officedrone23 - 1. buy ufc action figures

2. take monster shit in toilet

3. place action figures in shit filled toilet

4. sit back and enjoy the UFC in NJ


KidCombo, tell me about it. It's kind of sad that people in this area really helped carry the UFC during its early Zuffa days, and it just seems like the fan base here isn't being rewarded for it.

I am hoping that the UFC might consider the next casino in Bethlehem, PA as that should be fully operational very soon, if not already.

As for the toilet comment, I'd at least give you the courtesy of rating it 1 out of 5 stars...but seeing as though you can't actually buy any "licensed" UFC action figures right now, it wouldn't be a sanctioned UFC event, and therefore it wouldn't be UFC in NJ.