When is Vitor going to fight???

I was away for a bit and I was just wondering if someone could let me know if anything has been out about Vitor's next fight??? Anyone?

i have a feeling hes gonna sit on that belt worse than tito

Wow, and he doesn't even deserve that belt. Randy would have raped him.

I think jacktripper is correct.

The primadonna factor in MMA is getting rediculous. Just give me guys that want to actually fight (Except Sims)for a living, they're the guys we lump so much kudos on for the most part... Not the F Shamrocks of the world (I hope that is).

Yea, I totally agree.

I totally disagree. :)


MMartists need to look at serious Kick/thaiboxers and get a real work ethic(there are exeptions).

i hope the saucewoman is right but you can cash in on those belts (nothing wrong with that he earned it). plus i think he'll always have people quick to agree and give him reasons not to fight for whatever reason.

vitor PLEASE prove me wrong!

I thought randy and vitor fighting at the UFC after this one?

thought it was already a done deal

Was it? Thats what i've been wondering about.

I hear Randy is completely healed. If so they should fight ASAP. Couture is still the champ in my mind and the minds of the fans. Vitor needs to step up and prove it! I personally think Randy will win. Also, Randy is like 40 so they need to get him his fights NOW while hes in shape and on a roll! No one lasts for ever.

Vitor still has one more fight under his current contract.He is supposed to be fighting Couture at either 49 or 50.