When Lions Attack....

Rock o, I agree with you regarding Wildlife Management but when I think of Wildlife management I think of the rabbit problem they had in Australia. The rabbits multiplied too fast and almost wiped out alot of vegetation. To me, getting rid of the rabbits is wildlife managent, NOT shooting a predator at the top of the food chain.

I have nothing against people that hunt deer, elk etc. but a LION is different.

I have to admit I know NOTHING about that specific situation and for all we know that lion ate 20 men from the closest village. I guess in the end it's just sad to see the "King of the Jungle" go down like that.

No hard feelings Rock_o, if you hunt that's cool. Just don't go to Texas and shoot a bald eagle...which to me is the equivelant of what these guys just did.

I gotta block this website from my computer to stop myself posting on here anymore.

NHBPHOTOG wrote, "Very sad that people can't find better things to put their money towards. I bet a hundred miles away from that fenced in "Safari" were starving people living in just horrid conditions." This is so true.........all these starving people yet everyone is more concerned about a lion being hunted. Fuck the starving homeless send more cash to Green Peace.....lolololol Kind of ironic that all the potato eating tree huggers would rather inflict suffering on another person than a lion or any other critter. Gabora wrote, "I have nothing against people that hunt deer, elk etc. but a LION is different."........why is a lion different?

Because nothing in the wild eats lions. They're at the top of the food chain. When you hunt deer/elk, you usually eat it. I don't know anyone who's eaten lion before but I bet it tastes like chicken.

So because a lion is the apex predator in its eco-structure its different or because you've been conditioned to believe deer or elk are tasty?...lol Incidently cats are notoriously sadistic hunters....deer and elk....perhaps not, although no one has questioned grass and leaves about this.

If a lion is wounded and strays too far from the pride, it will become hyena food.

First off its very unlikely that they are hunting the lion for food. Listen to thier accents they are Americans with a South African (I think) guide, there not locals. Hunters pay big bucks for these safari hunts so theyre just a bunch of rich americans paying to shoot shit (Americans do the same thing in Canada). Sustenance hunting is much different than trophy hunting.
Secondly Australians shooting rabbits is different as these are feral creatures that people fucked up and introduced into an eco-system that they now endanger. Australia seems to be plagued with this problem alot (rabbits,boars,toads,mice, etc.)

It's funny how people introduce things to ecosystems to solve problems and end up creating a new one with their actions. It's almost like asking somebody to stomp on your toe to get rid of a headache.

Wagthedog my comments were about those particular hunters and those like them. I think they can find better places for their money like the starving people of the world. Giving money to GreenPeace was not part of my discussion since this thread is about said hunters and the Lion.

And yes I guess I would rather see them in pain than the lion, but that's just me because I don't much like people like that. So that should rap that up.


You know I cant help but find it odd or ironic how
narrow viewpoints can be. Hunting can be vary
enjoyable, and no one should need to apologize for
it. Its a very natural activity. These days of course
its politically correct to bash the hunters, all that
violence....and they even ENJOY it....the nerve of
the bastards right? Now go listen to how our great
sport of Mixed nnartial arts is viewed.......all that
violence, and the bastards even enjoy it!!.....But
wait, it's not like that .....is it?? NHBPHOTOG
writes,"And yes I guess I would rather see them in
pain than the lion, but that's just me because I
don't much like people like that."......well at least
your up front about it.....that you'd like to see
people you dont like suffer in pain. Thats a
disturbing thought especially if you really do feel
that way. I don't hunt, I feel wildlife is usually
best off left alone....but I can certainly appreciate
the view of those who do. I do enjoy fighting, as a
spectator and participant so I know first hand there
is sonething else there than the violence percieved
by the average Joe Public. Hunting a lot like our
sport isnt the prettiest thing to see unless you're
in tune with the finer nuances of each endeavor.