When was the last time prelims were that good??!?

I have no idea..

Been awhile. Good leadoff into a ppv. Phone Post 3.0

Finally the curse of humdrum prelims has been lifted Phone Post 3.0

gifs or it didn't happen Phone Post 3.0

Prelims were amazing. Phone Post 3.0

They really were. Wasn't going to order the card. But I want to see rock hold fight. Maybe if I'm lucky win some money on these insane odds. Phone Post 3.0

Great fights. Joe B vrs Elliot was awesome. That punch that ko'd Brenamann was awesome. Phone Post 3.0

fun fights to watch tonight!!


I keed. Phone Post 3.0

great night of fights so far

Zombie vs. Garcia 1? Was that an undercard fight? Best in years for sure.

Nice to see a better quality card. To many watered down fight cards. It's odd to see gomi fight so early. Phone Post 3.0

ShaqNoob - gifs or it didn't happen Phone Post 3.0
VU Phone Post 3.0

There was an event in the last year or so where they had awesome prelims. Better than main by a mile. We all had this chat were having now. Best prelims ever.

And I cant for the life of me remember which ones they were Phone Post 3.0

?? I think it was a card with pickett on the undercard Phone Post 3.0

FANtastic prelims man, insane finishes!
DAT KNEE DOE Phone Post 3.0

Great fights so far!! First ppv fight was awesome too Phone Post 3.0

ShaqNoob - gifs or it didn't happen Phone Post 3.0
Damn it I missed the fireball kid Phone Post 3.0

That's 3 stoppages in a row, lets hope for 3 more.