When will it happen?

Fixed it...

There I fixed it...

I'd like to see more of that chick, couldn't get a real good look, but she looked pretty good from what I could see.

She is an ex CLF cheerleader...


Not sure ablut boxing.

haha you saw the chick for a half a second from like 20 ft away

In boxing some, but not many managers cover the living expenses of their fighters. Thats how they justify their 33%. Sponsorship is hit and miss and a rat race for boxers as well.


pav-where the f is razor rob? whens he fightin next?

Didn't someone from a recent event have a couple giant VW logos on their shorts? That seems like a pretty big sponsorship to me.

Nice Ken!

Crump I think it was a local dealership not the manufacturer that sponsored Tyson.