When will Tanner return?

Any word on when we'll see Tanner in the octagon again?


I hope they don't release him for the same reason they released Horn (because a Franklin fight is basically an impossibility). He is still a top 5 MW, IMO.

isnt tanner on his way across the country on his motorcycle?

TTT for Tanner. Tanner/Silva would be a great fight, so would Tanner/Swick, Tanner/Marquardt, Tanner/Starnes, Tanner/Groves, the list goes on and on.

I remember years back Tanner went on one of these "VisionQuest/Midlife Crisis/Bored with Fighting/Soul Searching deals."

He pretty much said he was retired from fighting.

The bigger question is where the hell is Marquardt? He's 2-0 and we haven't heard a thing.