Where are u in MMA world rankings?

Does anyone know how many (approx) practitioners there are in MMA worldwide? And where would u rank yourself?

I'll start of by saying I am top 100-150 in Sweden (out of 1000, guess-timate) but somewhere in the middle on a world ranking since the standard is higher than in Sweden? WHAT ABOUT U??

Just ahead of Gary Coleman

Im sure that I am ahead of Vanilla Ice.

I am the #7,345 best light heavy in the world. Anybody want to sign me?


I'm the #1 LW in the world. You're all JEALOUS FAGS. Um, something about FLORIDA and WORLD KARATE CHAMPION. Lords of the Ring. And I'm a HITMAN!!!!!

I'm the best in the world in the under 100 lbs division. The only problem is I'm 265 lbs.


Gary Coleman by armbar

LOL @ ranking yourself, wonder where Ron Krull ranks himself.

Just ahead of Dougie

Ahead of that TKD guy Fulton smashed on his head.

"But Danny, what happened to your ranking? I remember when you were the #1 ranked under 18 practictioner in Cali......dude, why did you let yourself go?"

I got involved in internet porn for the past six years

Currently the lowest guy in the gym. I would rank myself ahead of Kevin Rosier but lower than Gerard Gordeau.

i ranked above the guy that played american ninja and right below the gymnast in gymkata!!

I loved American Ninja!!! That movie rocked!

I rank just behind the last guy... cowering in his greatness for getting in the ring.