where can i buy a rashguard in LA?


or you could try one of the bajillion surfshops.

Go to SportMart or Big 5 - lots of surf wear there.

Forget the surfshops, how about a fight shop - On The Mat? There are two locations near Los Angeles - Hermosa Beach (310.376.3586) and Huntington Beach (714.847.6786). We sell rash guards made by OTM, Gameness, Warrior Wear, Tapout, Punishment, etc.

OTM is a really good place to go. Also Budovideo is located in Garden Grove. for directions go to Budovideos.com

If you just want a rash guard (nothing fancy), walmart sells them for like 7 bucks. shrug

More accurate question, where can't you buy a rashguard.

^^has baby powdered the correct.

Shit I have seen rashguards/compression shirts at Target, and K-Mart.

Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear. Great stuff there.

4646 Manhattan Beach Blvd

Lawndale, CA 90260

Local: (310) 370-0116

Toll Free: (888) 956-4400

Sweet...thanks a bunch.

walmart spandex top for less than $10

where can i buy cheese in wisconsin?

any clue where I could get a good anti-perspirant?

fake social security cards, cheap landscaping, hep c, stuck in traffic, and rash guards. These are all things easy to get in LA.

No, actually they're right. Los Angeles. I didn't know surfers wore em tho. I like OTM stuff so I'll be heading that way. Thanks folksters.

LOL @ Larry.

LOL @ Xtinas cheese comment...

"I'm looking for some good mexican food in socal...any help??"