Where can I get Militech PPV??

Does anyone know where one can get the Militech PPV where they showed the training at the Militech school? Is there somewhere to download it?

pssssst just meet me in the alley behind Denny's at about Midnight. Bring $$$$

I would love to see that documentary as well, is there anywhere to buy it?

It is not available for purchase legally.

If I thought it was available to purchase I would buy it.. but I already checked and I don't see anywhere to buy it.

I taped it off of the ppv when they aired it.I must warn you that unless you are a huge Miletich fan than you will probably only watch it once.It contains a lot of personal info about Pat and his roots but once you watch it once you absorb that info and it loses it's entertainment content after a second view.

Also don't get jewed by a bootlegger on this one.It went for $9.99 when it was on ppv so if you pay more than you are being ripped off

If someone could host it that would be awesome -- thanx for the offer White347LX

Are there still forum regulations against this?

I don't think there can be forum regulations against this when the event is not available anywhere for sale. I'm not positive but I think that's the policy. Somebody might be able to explain the official policy.