Where did James Irvin go?

May never reach the upper echelon of the LHW division but nonetheless a good and entertaining fighter.

He kind of disappeared after the Anderson fight.

Where'd he go? Fighting again soon?

I think he was scheduled to fight Gouveia a while ago but got injured in training.


but he's got a great look for a fighter
very marketable

You can't just 'no homo' that away.

Lost to Anderson.

Tested positive for methadone and oxymorphone.

Suspended 9 months.

Moved down to middleweight.

Supposed to fight Drew McFedries at UFC 98.

Got hurt.

Supposed to fight Wilson Gouveia at UFC 102.

Got hurt.

Haven't heard anything since.


Didnt he KO Houston Alexander in there somewhere?

hbjj - Didnt he KO Houston Alexander in there somewhere?

 Before the Silva fight.

Dudes knee's are made of porcelain.