Where did the Brock's return rumor originate from?

Where did this shit come from anyway? Someone started it based on bullshit and someone ran with that bullshit. Anyone know?

Dave Metzler? I think. Somebody about Brock dropping the WWE title to make a MMA return.

I believe it was @Talk_MMA who tweeted 

"Paul Heyman and Brock were at the UFC HQ during IFW. Had a meeting with the UFC brass. Brock’s return is eminent. Most likely at MSG on Nov4"

People just slurp, slurp, slurp'n up them dirt sheets. Meltzer Magoo is such a fucking mark. Like, even worse than mauro. If that's possible....

It would make sense for the UFC to want him for MSG.

I thought it was a FB Q@A with Jones and someone asked him if he could take Brock. He replied he didn't think Brock would want to fight him, but he would be down or something like that.

Then Brock got wind of it and responded with the "anytime, anywhere" comment.

At least thats what Jones said of it during the presser.