Where do I buy custom rash guards?

I remember seeing something on the forum awhile back about this, but with the new forum I lost that saved thread. Can someone tell me where I could buy customized rashguards? Thinking about getting some made for my school. Thanks in advance for any help.

ttt, just in case.


hitman dan, the site is hitmanfightgear.com

I'd like ONE :) Just one custom rashguard with a big logo on the back of a black rashguard.

Just take it to a local screenprinting company. They will rape you to do a one-shot but it can be done.

Thanks for the help!

Dan answer my emails....

We barely have phone lines here.....

Hitman is one of the best, if not THE best fightwear companies to deal with.

whats the difference between a dry fit and a rash gaurd?


Hitman is outstanding.