Where do you train?

Where do you train? I am just curious to see what sambo/judo school everyone trains at. I train at Ultimate Sambo in Warwick, New York.

Vlad is a great guy!  I am sure we will meet at some point...our two schools have cross-trained from time to time.  New York Combat Sambo.


Train & teach at..... www.clubkozak.com

Located in Montreal, Canada

I am at pedros in massachuesetts, USA


I train at Leo Dalla's in Woodbridge Va


SMAA under Chris Dewey

I am now in scranton, pa with sensei fred murty!!! great great instructor for such a small city im lucky as hell.

matthews, nc


I train with Brian Olson at the Boulder Judo Training Center. Good
guys. Brian is very chill, but it sucks to grip fight with him.


Team Lloyd Irvin



NIH Judo Club




TEAM JOHN TUCKER......www.matbattle.com

Your parents must be very proud.

Judodork, I get jokes! Are u jealous because u have no where to train except on video games. don't be afraid I am sure someone will let u on the mat.

Thanks for your permission.