Where does Randy go from here?

I have a thought...I don't know if Randy can get out of his contract now (I know with a loss, sometimes contracts are voided), but now would be a good time for a Fedor fight. No one will pick Randy to win...but it would sell. If he does not go that route, I don't know what makes sense for him.

Fight Fedor, win and get a shot at the UFC champ (Lesnar or the winner of Nog-Mir) then retire. Lose to Fedor, you can retire having fought every big fight you could before time ran out.

Just some ideas

into fuckin retirement!



TTT last one

 tapping Kim Couture


Couture hopes that the Nogueira/Mir winner is somehow able to beat Lesnar. Both have the capability to submit Lesnar off their back.

In the meantime, Couture beats a can or two. Then, he's in line for a shot at Nog or Mir. Those fights would end his contract and he can hopefully go out on top.

IMO, the fedor fight against couture has lost the hype now that couture has lost.

Also, I doubt the UFC is going to cut couture; hes too well respected, everyone loves to see him fight. I hear a rumor they want him to headline their first card in Germany, also because he speaks German.

On a side note, I hope Nog or Mir subs Brock.

Fedor or retirement and the Fedor fight won't be happening anytime soon

war couture!

I hope his next move is to get rid of Yoko

Whoever the loser of Mir/Nog happens to be, that's who Randy should fight next. My guess is that Nog will beat Mir and then face Lesnar; I think Nog will win that, too. In the meantime, Mir will lose to Randy and we will finally get to see Randy/Nog.


 Have him fight Forrest? Doubt that.

Randy looked good against Brock,he just got caught,and was facing a monster who would give anyone trouble.

He didnt look like he was anywhere near needing to retire.

Shane Carwin or Cain Velasquez to get a gauge on where these other two up-n-coming wrestlers stand.

I'd like to see Randy fight the loser of Mir/Nog (aka Mir)

Randy vs Nog, Mir, Anderson Silva, Machida, Wand, Rampage and Forrest are all fights I would love to see. I don't care where he fights but I hope he's not finished.