Where in the world is SEXYAMA?

I haven't heard a peep about him in a while. He has Ronda Rousey level throws. He just needs to tighten up his standup and actually fight like he wants to hurt someone for a change. Where's Sexyama?! Phone Post

Hmmmmm, interdasting question. Phone Post

I tweeted him a couple months back asking if he was fighting this year and he said yes. I know he underwent surgery last year on his knee and only recently got back into training. Phone Post


This is the link to his blog. All in Japanese I'm afraid but he posts lots of pics Phone Post

He has been busy being a superstar celebrity back in Japan. Was doing the talk/variety show appearance circuit while healing.

He is with your girlfriend and/or mother.

Sal Penis - 

The guy is a superstar. This UFC thing is something he does for fun. It can be compared to making a niteclub appearance for 200k. Phone Post

He isn't nearly as famous as Rogan makes him out to be...

hes done ads for car/food and bev/and major appliance companies, plus NIKE.

plus singing in sold out concers...he is every bit as famous as rogan made him out to be, maybe even more