Where in Virginia are you?

Richmond, VA

Northern VA, Fairfax. About 15-20 minutes outside of DC

Va Beach

Lynchburg! www.ramarts.com

Far SW Va. Wise County.

My girlfriend is from northern Va. and we do travel out there some.

saint39 where do you train....the inlaws are in VA Beach so I go there often.


I'm a 'neighbor' to scuffler.

Out on the otherend of the state!

Live in Arlington, train some in Arlington and in Herndon

VA Beach

Lynchburg Central Va ...Team RAM WWW.RAMARTS.COM

Kids MMA , Adults Muay Thai , BJJ AND MMA.
Good people Good Training

Alexandria, VA

coeburn over near ky

Hampton, VA

sorry keylock...I train at Global MA. There are several good schools in the area, Hybrid Academy, Va Beach Academy, Eastern Academy(haven't heard anything about this one, just know it's there). I think there's a sambo guy teaching out of Beach Boxing as well, but not sure.

live in Alexandria

teach in Herndon

Pound, it's near KY

hey josh, its russell. get to work!

"Hoodbridge"/Lake Ridge

Teach in fairfax

Fredericksburg VA