Where is everyone watching the fights tonight?

I have bought myself 3 large beers (a sapparo that came in a cool can, never had it / a big bottle of amigos / a big bottle of corona). Also a 4 pack of blueberry red bull (im in the uk so its on late here). Got some guiness coated nuts as well & the tiniest bit of bud left over.

Im ready to rock this! Phone Post

JoeMimic - From my couch I've got some gin, some fuckin sweet tea vodka for some John Dalys because it's almost going to hit 80 here in the great state of Oregon aka Chaeltopia. Also some widmer hef for the beer selection. Also on the menu is some amazing seven layer dip that's pretty much a meal by it's self. Phone Post

Seven layer dip you say?

Please elaborate... Phone Post

From my couch! Spiced Rum, beer, wings, bud and buddies at my place.