Where is Robbie Lawler?

I was over at a buddy's house today and watched UFC 45 when he fought Lytle. I know that he was fighting somewhere. Why isn't the UFC trying to sign him. I'd love to see him back.

he denied a contract with the ufc because icon sport offered him a better deal. he is also their middleweight champion.

He is still with MFS.

So he will be away from the UFC for awhile. You would think he would want to be there. Oh' and is this fight availible to watch? Icon Sport is that a promotion? never heard of it.

No shit huh MW champ that's good for him.Have any of you seen any recent fights of his?

Jordan, yes i saw his recent fight against Niko Vitale, he did good and finished him off.

He still is solid. Icon gave him way more money than what ufc would have.

I see. I have seen some clips of Super Brawl. Hey thanks fellas My buddy will be psyched about my inside, internet scoop. I told him I could find out about it tonight cause I have acess to MMA nuts from around the globe.

no prob jordan

Check out highlights of Lawler/Vitale 1 in the Official ICON Sport Promotional video.

http://www.mmapremium.com Click on the large photo of Lawler and Vitale to view the video.

registration is free and easy.  Set up an account in seconds and watch this awesome video.


Niko x Vitale 1 should be considered for fight of the year in '05...

hey JordoNjTown

he is fighting niko again in about a week. he was orignally slated to fight mayhem miller, but miller got into some legal troubles and he was suspended from icon sport, so he cant fight. i was lookin forward to that fight too dammit!!

Personally I was looking forward to the MaYhem vs Lawler fight, but NIKO/Lawler 2 will be interesting to watch too........

Another reason...."Lucky you live Hawaii"


WOW...that was fun to watch...Watching Lawler fall through the ropes made me think they really need a cage.

looks good.

Robbie's in the gym and he's training hard for Vitale and i'm pretty sure he'll ALWAYS be w/ MFS.


Awesome Robbie's is Crazy and has alot of heart. You have to like this guy. Love this fourm fellas, you can find out anything. You say some funny shit everybody laughs, you get a little outta line you get chastized by the veterans. Thanks alot.

Thats just the UG Bro, I wouldn't sweat it.....LOL!!!

I Agree that Robbie is an awesome guy & very fan friendly. I also know NIKO, so I'm just going to sit on the side and enjoy this fight as a fan of the sport.

I'm also crossing my fingers for MaYheM to climb back in the ring & do his thing.

My $0.02

that fight with Vitale was a truly great fight