Where is Shannon Ritch?

It seems a long time he is not fighting. What happened to him?


He's fightig Kimbo on the next Bum Fights video.

banned in CA .... other states often iphold bans from other commisions

Banned 4 what?

Mostly because of a suspect fight with Brian Ebersole.

Ritch has worked so many fights that he makes Kurt Angle look like an amateur.

working a fight (alleged)

He is workin on a new invention: The Cannon Clock, which is a modification of the cuckoo clock.

Every hour on the hour; a mini-Shannon(looking resplendent with ridiculous hat) pops out and taps out the time, i.e. he taps 8 times for 8 O'Clock etc.


Hmm I heard about the cannon clock accept after tapping it goes on to say "my next fight will be in two weeks at XXX state". I hear its on a 50 state rotation!

The Cannon Clock also announces after tapping that the next hour will be the "Hour of the Cannon"

I thought that was a monthly thing?


The Shannon Clock can also have a feature whereby at 59 minutes past the hour Shannon can "dominate" his opponent for 60 seconds only to tap out at precisely the 1 hour mark.


Each new day the cannon can pop out and state who he tapped out to on that given day.

The half-hour is marked by a Cannon supporter says"Oh, yeah, what's your MMA record"


If he works these fights he is working them the wrong way... He needs to work a few Wins his way..

"Didn't he get busted for stealing money from some promotion?"

From the WFC. The whole organization was weird. The promoter claimed to be Bo Diaz, a retired MLB pitcher. But he wasn't even the same Bo Diaz, and supposedly got busted for it.

Shannon came on here (I think it was on here) and said something like he was merely "holding the money" in his bank account because he was paid in cash.

Anyone remember any other details? Or really care?