Where is Zilla???

The buffet??? Phone Post

 heart attack.

Or Packer convention in Wapaca, WI?? Phone Post

 Garza's basement?

I believe he got all butthurt over this thread and left the forum for good.

 Zilla Demands Payment From Garza, Gets Beating

The whole thing seemed kind of strange to me, as the intent was never to portray Zilla in any negative light but to poke some fun at Garza. I guess Zilla took it the wrong way, because he promptly unfriended me on facebook and stopped replying to my messages. 

Ya, the whole Unfriending thing on FB doesn't ring with me, everyone has done that at one point..I still think there is a buffet out there that has hypnotized him. Phone Post

unfriends pillbottle and elcid**

He's sitting beneath his one-of-a-kind Cardamone, still basking in the afterglow of the Packers win of the last Superbowl...ever.

I still say Garza's basement.


I don't think he was ever released from the hospital after that beating Garza gave him.

Zilla is a coward who ran from the boards as soon as he found out he couldn't delete all the good threads here.