Where JKD, FMA, BJJ in Sydney?


because I'm going to live in Sydney for one year, starting next year in July, I would like to know, where I can train Jeet Kune Do, Filipino Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Sydney.

I'll live in the suburbs around Ryde/North Rydey, Epping, Marsfield and therefore I need a club/school which is not to far away from this location. Maybe 15-30 minutes with the bus/train!!

Hope, that you can give me some addresses. Perhaps you have some recommendations for me, as well!?

Best Regards from Germany


Hi there Sebastian, for BJJ i would recomend SinosicPerosh which is in Concord and a great academy.
For Filipino Martial Arts there is a good academy not far from there in Ashfield very close to the train station, when i get an exact address ill post it.
And for Jeet Kune Do, i wouldn't really know one thats close for you,.
Hope this helps... ;)

Hey Sebastian,

Our academy Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts,  www.sinosicperosh.com.au, is in Concord not far at all from where you are.  We teach BJJ, Muay Thai, Wrestling, MMA as well as having Yoga. 

In regards to Kali, Raymond Floro is based in the area, though he only teaches private lessons (He does teach for us occaisionally as well).  He teaches Floro Fighting Systems which comes from Kali Illustrisimo.  I believe there is a JKD school located in the Parramatta area (a little further away, but not too far).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me elvis@sinosicperosh.com.au



For info on Kali, and Ray Floro (in your area) check this link out...


also try www.jkd.com.au for Jun Fan etc.


For more info on Ray, as well as a video or two of him in action, you can check out:


If you're after functional stuff that works against a resisting opponent, he's your man. Haven't had the opportunity to train at Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts, but have only heard great things.


Floro is the man! Had a chance to attend one of his seminars and I now have two things to look forward to when I go to Sydney. Sinosic-Perosh Academy and Master Raymond Floro!

Thank you for your posts.

I'm sure to visit the Sinosic Perosh Academy, when I'm down under!

I checked jkd.com.au and saw that Walt Missingham is an official Dan Inosanto Instructor in Sydney. There are some more JKD Instructors in the Sydney area posted on this website. I'll check the addresses, when I'm down under, and choose the school, which is next to my location, then.

If you know any further schools, don't hesitate to post them here, if its JKD/FMA/BJJ :-)



We have a strong relationship with Ray, probably due to his reality based training, which is similar to the way we approach things.

We also have some of Walt's students train with us.  We have a strong Martial Arts community out this way.

Glad we could help and hope that you find what you're looking for.


Clearly you can't go past Elvis' school for BJJ... just don't let your sister see him on TV or she'll never stop hassling you about him.

I have a close mate whose trained with Ray Floro and has nothing but great things to say about the bloke. Elvis, do you have a single visit fee for those who live outside of Sydney??

He OnDaMat.  Yes we do. We have rates to cover interstate/international visitors (who stay for less than a month) as well.  And don't worry we also accept Visa & Mastercard.


Hi Sebastian,

If you're interested in training BJJ in Sydney, I reccomend you try a class at the following academies, depending on where you are located (any of them is well worth the travel) -

These three are all BJJ Black Belts from Brasil, and are the directors of the NSW BJJ Federation - all very nice guys with strong academies.

I train with Bruno who is a blackbelt under Royler Gracie.


Luke Beston

hopes Elvis doesn't realise credit card is maxed out while rolling

(late reply I know...)


If you're ever in QLD...that's an easy question...Vince Perry at PUMMA
on the Gold Coast is very qualified in ALL 3 martial arts. Inosanto rep,
excellent stick fighter and BJJ purple belt and all round nice guy. Hope
to see ya sometime.

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