Where the hell is Arona???

I know many will go "takin roids hahaha i gotz him g00d wtih that 1!!!!!!ononeone"

But honestly, has anyone heard any news on this guy? Last I heard, on tatame I do believe, he said he'd be fighting in the UFC come the first of the year.

Anyone know?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

by Josh Gross (joshg@sherdog.com)

Despite announcing this week that he was pulling out of a March 26 WEC middleweight title defense versus Chael Sonnen (Pictures), Paulo Filho (Pictures) will put the belt up after all, the Brazilian's manager, Ed Soares, informed Sherdog.com Thursday afternoon.

"He went through some personal issues, and he basically pulled everything together," Soares said.

Training at the Black House gym in Rio de Janeiro, Filho has been preparing with Ricardo Arona (Pictures) and Rafael Feijao. Soares said UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will join the training camp on March 17.

Thanks dude. I wonder if Arona is just training people now or something.

Wherever he is, I hope he's not getting any more nasty scars on his forearms from knife-fights in the dark.

He was supposed to be fighting Daniel Tabera on an M-1 show in America, but Bodog swooped in and messed up as many potential M-1 bookings as they could.


Hmm, interesting

Haven't heard a peep surprising too with an impressive win or two becomes very relative again.

Dengue fever is no joke fren, give the man time to recover.

I would love to see arona in the UFC or WEC

getting stabbed apparently. Would love to see him back.

^yeah, getting stab in a brazilian ghetto is everyone's dream

^ I get the impression getting stabbed by Brazilian meat is actually the dream of half the UG


In bed with dengue fever I guess

Staboplata imo

Of course it's all hearsay, but if I survived a stabbing in a Brazilian club and had a bunch of cool tattoos, I could see myself being 250-1 in streetfights in conversations with dumb Americans.

I don't want to jump on my typical soapbox, but this is another really unfortunate case resulting from the Pride buyout.  We have Fedor doing who the fuck knows what, Gomi in WVR with few opponents, and  Arona has not even had a fight since Pride died.

Besides the fight with HW Mark Hunt, Arona was the first to stop Wand when he was on his tear of destruction in Pride.  I would LOVE to see him in the WEC or UFC at LHW. 



Where did those nasty scars come from?

In that one vid they mentioned fighting in the dark,I assumed they were discussing dog fighting.

"In that one vid they mentioned fighting in the dark,I assumed they were discussing dog fighting. "

I think he got stabbed. He didn't seem too concerned about it though LoL

I survived a stabbing at whataburger one night. And i used to do roids, and i have some tattoos. Am i pretty cool?

no way Retard