Where the hell is Gilbert Yvel??

It seems I asked this almost a year ago and Yvel was hurt at the time. Whats his status now? Will he be fighting anytime soon? Gilbert is one of, if not the best Heavyweight striker in MMA. Better then Cro Cop? I would love to see the fight and have no doubts Gilbert could beat him. I have seen many of Gilbert's fights and there is no denying this guy is a crazy striker with a lot more potential.

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Yvel wasn't embarrassed by Sefo. He did really well in that fight and really showed heart throwing those last barragges while obviously hurt. That was the best fight of the night aside from the Cro Cop v. Bonjowski fight.

Yvel would not beat Cro Cop and the biggest thing that seperates them is not skill level as much as Yvel's penchant for flying off the handle and fucking himself over. Cro Cop is all business in there and while Yvel is clearly a very dangerous fighter, he doesn't fight very smart at all. He engaged Horn more on the ground than he should have, he killed himself against Frye in a fight he could easily have won IMO, and how can you get subbed by Igor (a man who said after the fight he'd never choked anyone -even in practice!)

Yvel should be in the GP, because he is very exciting! Yvel vs. Rizzo would kick ass.


Agree too a point. Mirko picks his shots, and seems to need distance to land. Gilbert is very agressive which I think you need to be against Cro Cop. So I still think it would be a very good fight.

He's fighting next month at It's Showtime in Holland against Cheick Kongo.

cheik Kongo is french so i should suppot him but i am a fan of Gylbert Yvel..so go Gylbert!!!

Ps : Cheik Kongo is good!!!!

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yvel is nowhere near crocop
he is an excellent striker, and is also highly unorthodox and unpredictable

however he is not a pure striker in the sense in that he hardly competed in kickboxing or muay thai

he faced ray sefo in k1 and was annihilated, by leg kicks...which is hardly rays specialty

he is nowhere near crocop in striking but very very few fighters in the world are...the top k1 guys and a few heavyweight boxers and thats it"


I agree that Cro-Cops kicks are top level but to say no one is near his striking and only a "few" heavyweight boxers" are is crazy. 90% of all boxers have better hand strikes then Cro-Cop!

My 2' cents..

yes he is the one who was gouging the hell out of fryes eyes. only reason i want to see gilbert fight again is so i can hopefully see him get his ass kicked. not to say he doesnt always put on a show but believe me he is not what american mma needs.



"isn't he the guy that kicked Silva in the sac and eye gauged Frye?
I would think most people wouldn't want him back because of that. Most don't want to see the titty biter back. "

Silva kicked Yvel in the nutsac, not the other way around.

Cro is very smart and VERY dangerous!

I think Gilbert is a great striker that would give Crocop problems.
He would fare much better against a striker than a grappler, cause
he seems to resist educating himself on ground fighting. He
needs to cut the dirty tactics as well.


YVEL IS always an exciting fighter...i say bring him back...

wcbadass is correct...why did Rampage lose to Matsui via nut strike, but Yvel vs. Silva was a NC???

"wcbadass is correct...why did Rampage lose to Matsui via nut strike, but Yvel vs. Silva was a NC???"

Rules were different in PRIDE 11, then in PRIDE 18. The last time PRIDE updated was starting PRIDE 19.

Gilbert Yvel last MMA Bout M-1 on 12/5/2003 . He went to a DRAW with Daniel Tabera

I remember reading some time ago that he trained a lot of grappling in the past years. I think he trained in Vegas with John Lewis and was promoted to bluebelt. He also competed in a bjj tournament in L.A and won 2 fights and lost one on points.

"Its nice to see that JudoMo likes to talk about fights that he has never seen.
LMFAO at isn't he the guy that kicked Silva in the sac"

No I didn't see the fight that is why it was posed it as a QUESTION. That is what the ? means.

Funny thing is that I got warned for that statement, which I think is kinda funny. Guess you can't ask any questions around here.

BTW...who was the guy that Trigg kicked in the nuts? His name always escapes me.

"BTW...who was the guy that Trigg kicked in the nuts? His name always escapes me."


Gilbert will be fighting Cheick Kongo. I hope his 'comeback' will be good and that he will be fighting in Pride again. His groundgame has improved. I have seen the video with him fighting in a grapplingtourney and he fought great. Maybe I can upload it. He makes his opponents tap by triangle, armbar etc. great video.