Where to buy a gi in Toronto

Need a new gi.
Am in Toronto.
Don't want to buy a team patched gi.

Also, don;t want to overpay for a gi.

Is there a martial arts supply store or something I could go to to get a good deal on a good gi?

Since JHR is ducking me with the poker thing, I have to watch my expenses...

 Fight Planet?


Thanks, but that's in Hamilton. I'm downtown Toronto with no access to a car. Metro ride is cool, long-ass bus ride taking me all day? Less so.

Anything closer to Toronto that springs to mind?

Doesn't rev mma sell gi's out of there club.Also mma depot in whitby(yeah a little out of town).

Toronto BJJ has some nice blank OTM gi's.

MECCA Sells redstar gi's possibly the most awesome gi ever made by egor. You can pick them up all over the GTA but the rest of the locations don't have Mark Stables' sarcasm so they are les desirable.

toraki is a judo company, but they used to have bjj gi's, and they offer 1 off deals on things like returned (not used often) jackets, end of production gi pants, etc. you can call them.

We just got our shipment in of the all new Sinister GI
We will be launching them at the MMA EXPO this weekend, so if you can get a ride in, come check out the competition and the new Gis! They're made just like Korals (pre-shrunk, rubber collar) and by far the most comfortable GI I have ever owned. Plus nice and light. And we will be blowing them out all weekend long at $150.00

Sorry by we I mean FIGHT PLANET

yusul - toraki is a judo company, but they used to have bjj gi's, and they offer 1 off deals on things like returned (not used often) jackets, end of production gi pants, etc. you can call them.

They still have bjj gis...my fav brand of the three that i have.

 I guess I should mention our new gis too...WARNING: advertising is next :)

New Redstar Ultra Light Model:

Light pearl weave jacket with rubberized collar and ripstop fabric on the collar.

Very light, but super strong ripstop material pants


The weight between 3-4 lbs, depending on size

Introductory price at MMA EXPO  - - -  $100! Dont miss it, because after the weekend they will be selling at $150+ rate.

Visit Redstar booth at MMA EXPO! See you there.

Maximum fighting championship will soon be announcing it's own line of fighting gis that will bring revolutionary ideas to the world of gis.

First it will have it's own sewn pocket for mouthguards but also for a 8X10 signed photos of the athelete. But wait! It will also have a pen sleeve so that you can pull out a pan and sign autographs or even ladies' boobies!

There will be speciallly designed fluid pouches that can carry your favourite brand of beverage via plastic tube to your mouth for those marathon rolling sessions and as well the seat of the pants will be a revolutionary fibre that acts like an adult diaper, keeping things in so your opponent would never even know you soiled yourself while he is in your triangle! Note: please don't confuse these pouches.

And patches! Every inch of the gi is covered in some sort of MFC patches! In fact, the rocker patch across the back shoulders is actually an led display sign that is updated by statillite with the latest MFC updates directly from Mark Pavelich's desk itself! (Unless there is a spelling error and in that case we will deny Mark wrote it and instead blame that damn Scott Zerr)

These are only some of the revolutionary new designs. When you buy it we'll make up...I mean, show you the rest!

MFC spent about a billion dollars and over 10 years designing these and you know I don't exagerrate so whatever we charge is definately worth it.

Stay tuned for the MFC new fight shorts! Coming this summer!