Where to buy used wrestling mats?

I am moving our academy to a new building and I need about 2,000 to 2,500 sq. ft. of wrestling mats. I just can't see dropping $10,000-$15,000 on new mats. I was hoping my friends on the Underground could help me. If anyone has what I'm looking for, or knows someone who might, please email me at James@NextLevelJiu-Jitsu.com. Or call me at 330-550-4324.

Thanks, James Terlecki


I'm a friend of our mutual pal Dave Miller.  I'd suggest you call Ed Chanoski down in Steubenville at Next Level Fights. If he doesn't have any to sell, he'd know all the wrestling contacts in the ohio valley area that would.

-Bill Easlick

Thanks Bill. Do you know his number so I can call him?

P.S. Dave's a great guy. I hope he gets his health/injuries in order so he can get back on the mat again.

Thanks, James

 try this number 740- 632- 2011

I can't say enough great things about Dave. He is amazing. The nicest guy in the world and his encycolpedic knowledge of bjj is just insane.  Had he been only 10 years younger he'd been a black belt and a well-known name.

I always laugh and say when a guy literally half you size and twice you age kicks you ass and then tells you stories about Vietnam.. it's was a very humbling experience to meet Dave for the first time years ago. (Later I'd hit him with a seionage throw so fast the air would split and thunder would crack.. but that's another story! )

Try www.craigslist.org. You just have to keep searching and might get lucky!