Where to do BJJ in Detroit area?

Help me out?

Detroit is a pretty big metro area, with lots of congested freeways so think about your location and ability to actually get to classes as well as your goals.

That said, I was a guest at WarriorWay in walled lake for about 10 months or so last year. Great place with a very positive atmosphere. Very good instruction from a number of people that post here and will likely chime in. You will get a few different brown belt instructors, with some purples too. Caique comes regularly for seminars and if you choose the MT program, Matee may be considered one of the best ever to fight in Thailand and teaches there too. There are also a few extension schools (Brian Harper - brown belt has a place in Wixom, Don R has a school further east)

My general opinion of WarriorWay is that Angelo, Harvey, Don, and Brian are all detail oriented, good instructors, and also very amiable with a variety of MMA, gi, and no gi experience. I drove an hour each way to train there due to my living circumstances, and although the commute was painful at times, it was worth it.

Thanks, dudes. This is on my brother's behalf. He lives in the Royal Oak area. Not sure how far he's willing to drive. Might also take up judo, but very interested in BJJ/sub grappling.

Ogami Itto: We have a pair of Purple Belts teaching out at 10 mile and Hoover in a Karate school, with a tough bunch of grapplers up there. Various Wrestlers, Judokas and BJJ guys all training up there. Very reasonable price too.


Also, you have Malgeri's place at on 14 mile near Royal Oak and he's a newly anointed Purple Belt. He's also under Eric Paulson and is a JKD guy.


The webpage is old, so you may just want to email them.


Ogami Itto, I live in Royal Oak too!!! Thanks to Chris for the nice comments, we didn't even pay him! :) His kind words mean alot since he was a visitor for a short time, and was able to gain a feel for our school and instructors. What's up Chris!?!? Hope all is well.

Our website is in the process of being re designed, but has all the necessary info for now. We have 4 browns teaching there, and several purple and high blues also. We are about to have a grand re-opening soon as we add on to our existing space and add a full size boxing/muay thai ring and add extra bags, but...ssshhhh...it's supposed to be a secret until the big unveiling :) Have your brother stop in, we have an awesome BJJ class program, do gi and no-gi. Our Muay Thai is taught by one of, if not THE best Thai born fighters teaching in the US today.

Check us out....www.warriorway.com or call (248)960-4884

TTT for Ogami's bro :)


Thanks, guys. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Me, I'm out in the Ann Arbor area. My main thing is kendo, though I have done judo/grappling on the side (not lately though since I had a kid). My bro finally graduated from Oakland and has been wanting to do this stuff for years. Which is a shame, since if he applies himself I may no longer be able to kick his ass (without a sword).

LOL @ Ogami... "BJJ, the great big-brother neutralizer!"

My big brother used to kick my arse all the time, then he got me into BJJ, also. Since then, the fights have been a little more even. If I ever get in trouble I still pull out my secret weapon...crying to mom. :)

Ogami Itto: if you're in Ann Arbor, perhaps check out Focus JJ www.focusjj.tv. our school just a stone's throw from the U of M Campus.

Thanks, Dan. When I was still grappling I was rolling Saturdays at EMU judo/jujitsu. Bunch of our guys also went to Metro Fight Club. Since my son was born I only have time for kendo.

Itto: Heh, you were doing Metro? Have we met before?

No, Kai, some of my home boys did Metro. Jamal Farrakhan and Jody Holeton come to mind. I trained with those guys over at EMU. I've also talked to Walt a bit at judo tournaments - geez, maybe even met you - but I doubt Walt would remember me.

those names sound familiar. shortly after I moved down from Traverse City I signed up for a Judo class through the EMU Extension. and I think I rolled with those two. I didn't finish the class since I f'ed up my neck towards the end and I missed a lot of classes.

How long ago was that, Dan? I might have been there. My real name's Charlie, by the way. You may remember me if you and I crossed paths, loudmouth, chatty, happy fellow with dark, thinning hair in his 30s who wasn't any good but always pretty game. Heh!

was about 3 years ago maybe?? you know I think I do recall you. Frank would be talking about your Flying Uki Waza....

That's me! Dan, Dan, Dan... Trying to picture you. I remember somebody getting hurt. Did you get hurt by a visiting instructor who threw you a little clumsily?

no it was just an aggrivation of an old injury. I was kinda tall about the same size as that tall European kid Johan (sp?). I went a couple Sat AM's as well.

I'd know you if I saw you, Dan, I'm sure.

And LOL at Johanne being from Europe! He's from downriver somewhere, just got a Scandinavian name, blonde hair and blue eyes. Well, hopefully we'll cross paths again! I haven't rolled in so long a 5-year-old could tap me.