Where to Order Gloves?

Can anyone reccomend anywhere that I can order 16oz gloves with reasonable shipping time?

Perferrably looking for twins, ringside or fairtex gloves.(maybe shin pads too)

Thanks for any replys.

Really....I need gloves. Not the dishwashing kind either.

KONJO Gear. Great gear and the service is top notch. Damien is a super cool guy who does not make you feel like he's doing you a favor by sending you the gear unlike other big time gear places (Fairtex).

Cool! thank you Yelm.

Fairtex gear is excellent. I'm sure you could find a local distributor with stocks cutting back on shipping time.

I tried but I can't find a distributer here in Hawaii.

I e-mailed fairtex...Hopefully some good news tomorrow, lol.

I even was asking some dudes from other gyms if they had anyone going to thailand and if they could bring back a pair, LOL.


Anyone in Canada looking for Pride Style MMA Gloves click here for our Holiday special:


US and other areas click here:



Anyone else ordered gloves recently and got good service?

"Can anyone reccomend anywhere that I can order 16oz gloves with reasonable shipping time?"


Twins and Windy Gloves in STOCK in Virginia!!!!! E-mail me for prices. ram3030@yahoo.com We do not have the store front on our website yet but I will post a message on the forum when it is up!

All I can say is I was not treated very well by Fairtex and would never recommend them.

twinsthaiboxing has some for immediate delivery.


When I ordered mine they had them within 3 weeks (Twins factory is always cranking out the basic 8-16 oz training gloves so they don't take long, even if they aren't on the immediate delivery page). Whichever ones that page says has in stock will be delivered much quicker.

I ordered over $200 worth of gear from Ringside Tuesday and I received my package Friday. Is that fast enough?

Sorry yelm, i know. I just e-mailed them before I made this thread.

I'm not gonna say but one of the co.'s listed took 2 months for my delivery(not too bad) but my friend's order took 7 months and tons of e-mails unanswered. I felt bad because I referred that company to him.

I decided not to order with those guys again, lol.

dude , that's crazy fast! Yeah I heard alot of good things about ringside.hmmmm....

I've had nothing but good experiences with Ringside.

Eric- if you're looking for Twins gear, email thewarfrog@msn.com His website is being refurbushed right now, but he sells Twins gear at amazing prices. He is based out of Iowa, and can ship your order with the quickness! He sells out quick due to his product availability and prices, so don't delay. Best in health and training!

I ordered those Pride gloves from Agatsu. they didnt have a shipping price to Hawaii but i ordered them anyway. it took them a little while but they went through so much trouble to get it to me with no extra charge.

the gloves are great, Agatsu!

I got my stuff from Konjo in 2 days.