Where to train in Burnaby?

Hi all. Just wondering where I can train BJJ in Burnaby? I'll be staying near Metrotown for the next week and a half. Any info on location, drop in fees etc, would be much appreciated. I'm looking to get in 3-4 days during my stay in BC.


Shyam Tanna

Columbia Martial Arts is in that area. They are a no gi school.

If you want the gi also, just hit the bus going north on Willingdon all the way to Hastings. Short walk east on Hastings to Cobra Kai for some training with Marcus Soares and his team in North Burnaby.

You can also hit up my academy on Broadway or downtown on Granville St. GracieBarra.ca for directions to both locations. The Broadway location is the BJJ Academy for the team but the downtown has some BJJ during the week also. Call if you need more info 604-916-9441.

Good luck in your search.

Tim Shears

Thank you Tim,

Which of your locations do you teach out of the most?



Daytime I'm downtown on Granville and at night on Broadway. I have Supa Dave and Lil' Mike teaching the no-gi and I teach the gi classes.

Hope to see you on the mats.

if you want to grapple like the world-famous DENIS KANG then go train with Marcus!!!!!!!!!!!!!111!!11one

Thank you both. I will definitely check out both places. Glad to see you offer Gi classes. What can I expect in terms of mat fees? Does Marcus also have a website?


Hey Brandon, is Denis coming to town?

not that i know of? i was just doing a cheesy plug for marcus based on denis' win on sunday.

part of the intended cheesiness, my friend