where to train in cuba?

Goning to Cuba. Where to train? I figure on boxing or wrestling-but where? Contacts? Suggestions?

How about Guantanamo?


its donkey meat !

Judo there Rocks!


carne de burro

Fidels house

I'm part Cuban, and I've always known thru secondary sources that Judo is big over there.

Although to cubans the doctors, baseball players, and pretty much everything else is better over there.

I often find myself asking relatives "why are you here if everything is so much better over there?"

I usually get the silent treatment...

Only groups more nationalistic than Americans are Cubans and Spaniards.

I was in Havana in 2003.  The training facilities I saw were really rough. Out dated and old mats.   I visited a wrestling facility for young kids.  

I loved the country.  Istayed at the Deville.  Its right on the water, centrally located,  and walking distance from most things. I took my parents there and had a great time.  One thing I wish I did when I was there was bought some of the art canvases.  Thos ethings are priceless and cost about $20 US over there.  If I( go again I'm bringing a cylnder so i can roll a bunch up and bring back as many as I can. I imagine 4-5 canvases would cover cost of ur trip if you soldem when u got back. 







Pics taken from Deville balcony...


LOL @ Guantanamo.

Doesn't Milton still run a dojo in Havana?

I wish they had training camps in Cuba like they do in Thailand. I would so much rather go to Cuba!

Boxing and Judo vs. MT and bjj = toss up

Cheap as hell living vs cheap as hell living = toss up

Airfare = Cuba

Work on my Spanish vs. work on a my Thai that I'll never need or use ever = Cuba

Hot Cuba girls who want American cock/money vs. Hot Thai girl and ladyboys who want American cock/money = Cuba

Cuba 3 Thailand 0 Draw 2

Add to it you cocksuckers.

Ok, I'll be fair:

Never seen Asia vs. Seen many third world Spanish speaking nations = Thailand.

3 to 1 for Cuba

Wish, I could go My parents are from Cuba? As an American citizen, I guess I could apply to one of the agencies in Miami and say that I want to visit my famiy.

And spend my night with a cuban hotties that will cook clean and bang the hell out of you for $20.00 a week.

Find whoever trained UNDEFEATED MUAY THAI NATIONAL CHAMPION RAUL LLOPIS before he sailed a raft to the US and became 6X Muay Thai WORLD CHAMPION...
Its somewhere in cuba I could put you in touch with him if interested...

Tha Judo in Cuba is sicknasty also...

Raul LLopis' contact info? Please and Thank You.
Funny, I thought that every recommendation would be for boxing, as I understand that Cuba has the best amateur boxing program in the world. I also heard that Nog trains with the Cuban national boxing team because of the three round emphasis where fighters are known for throwing hundreds of punches per round.

You gotta try different things for different folks, I advocate the stretching AFTER the workouts as well.

I agree that all you need to do before a workout is "warmuup". But the strectch after (nothing crazy) has helped me out a great deal! Post workout strecthing has helped my recovery, and I can't say that I have had any injuries becasue of it.

Raul Llopis lives in Miami and I believe trains guys at a gym in Miami

Give this a try:

Knock Out Boxing Gym

10355 Hammocks Blvd.
2nd floor